Fair Directory/Advertisement

Fair Directory
Each participant will be provided a Fair Directory, which will list out the name and address of all the participants, with a brief description of the organizations on the basis of the information furnished by them in the application form. The organizers will have the right to suitably edit the text provided by the participants. The organizers reserve the exclusive right to publish and sell the Fair Directory of the exhibitors with the advertisements, which appears in the Fair Directory.

Advertisement in the Fair Directory
The charges for the advertisement in the Fair Directory are given below:
Back Cover – IV (Colour) Rs.35000
Inside Cover – II (Colour) Rs.31000
Back Cover – III (Colour) Rs.29000
Full Page (Colour) Rs.17000
Full Page (Black & White) Rs.14000
Participants interested in advertising in the Fair Directory may apply separately to the organizers by 15 November, 2013. Such requests will be considered on first-come-first-serve basis. The organizers reserve the right to accept or reject such requests for advertisement.

Flag Poles, Buntings and Hoardings
Allotment of flag poles and space for bunting and hoardings will be made in accordance with charges levied by ITPO against the poles/space provided by ITPO for this purpose. Intimation regarding allotment of poles/space will be notified separately on the Fair website and via emails.