Terms & Conditions


1. General
1.1 The Organizes reserve the right to accept or reject application without assigning any reason thereof.
1.2 Allotment of the halls to each category of publishers will be at the sole discretion of the organizers.
1.3 In case of a natural disaster or if circumstances so warrant, the organizers reserve the right to postpone, alter or cancel the Fair. In case the Fair is cancelled before the inauguration, rental collected will be refunded at the earliest after making the necessary deductions as decided by organizers.
1.4Applications on being accepted by the organizers, will be considered as an agreement (under the accepted terms) between the participant and the organizers subject to availability of space.
1.5Applications received after the last date may be considered subject to availability of space and on a first-come-first-served basis, according to the waiting list.
1.6 Display of relevent banners, posters, etc. on or within the stall are permitted. However, no display will be allowed outside. In case, any publisher/bookseller is found to be not complying with these guidelines, penalty as per ITPO’s terms will be imposed.

1.7Sale of books and other reading materials will be permitted on the following conditions:
(a) A uniform discount of 10% will be allowed on the printed price
(b) Hawking and sale of books at specially reduced prices is prohibited
(d) No books or materials forbidden by the law, including the violation of copyright act, will be displayed or sold. Participants are solely responsible for any violation in this regard and the organizers will not be liable for such a violation. Participants will indemnify the organizers from and against all proceedings and expenses whatsoever in consequence of any such violation.
1.8 Participants playing Audio or Video Cassettes/CDs at the stalls will ensure that the decibel level of sound does not cause any annoyance to either the neighbouring participants or to the visitors. The organizers will be the sole judge to decide on this regard and can prohibit participants to play such Audio/Video.
1.9To maintain peace and order during the New Delhi World Book Fair, no literary and cultural programmes will be held at a place or stall in the Fair Grounds other than at the places designated for such activities by the organizers. If any participants so desire to organize any such programme, it is
mandatory for the participants to submit written request to the organizers in advance. The same shall be accepted on first-come-first-served basis.
1.10 No encroachment extension in the passages are allowed. Participants are, therefore, advised to arrange the display within the space allotted to them, otherwise penalty as per the ITPO’s terms will be imposed.
2. Booking of Space
2.1 No application will be entertained after the last date of booking i.e. 15 November 2013. After booking, the balance payment of 75% should be remitted to NBT before the due date i.e. 31 December 2013. If the balance payment is not remitted by 31 December 2013, booking amount will be forfeited and the same will be cancelled.
2.2 In case of booking of stalls by the participant, the organizers will provide duly constructed stall with octonorm system having provision for display of books. Once the stall is booked, no participant will be allowed to withdraw its name or to remove the structure of stall(s). In case the stall(s) is/are
dismantled under any compelling need by the participant, 50% of the stall rent as penalty will be levied to the participant.

2.3Participants opting for Bare Space will be responsible for the construction and dismantling of Stall(s). The construction of Stalls must have adequate and proper provision for display of books.
2.4The maximum limit of height for construction on Bare Space is 12 feet. Participants should not cross the permitted limit while constructing their stalls on Bare Space. In case of violation of this limit, the organizers reserve the right to remove the construction at the cost of the participants and
the penalty imposed by the ITPO on this account will be borne by the concerned participant. Mezzanine construction will be taken up only on ITPO’s written approval/permission. Charges for the Mezzanine area created by the participant will be as per license fee of the hall and will be payable by the participant before seeking approval of the layout. In case of non-adherence to any of the approved guidelines/
plans, a penalty of Rs. 120000/- per violation will be imposed.

2.5Removal of panel between two or more stalls is not permitted even if any participant has booked its stall under different names and wishes to club them into one.
2.6Indian Language publishers has to provide a copy of PAN Card (mandatory) for availing language subsidy.
2.7Clubbing of Stalls/Stands/Bare Space: A group of companies/participants can apply for a maximum of 20 stalls in case of Hindi/Regional Language Publishers and 30 stalls for English language publishers. (Subsidy towards rentals will be provided only for one stall for Hindi/Regional Language
Publishers). However, allotment will be subject to the availability of Stands/Stalls. The number of stalls booked can be curtailed by the organizer depending upon the availability of space. In case of Stands, clubbing is restricted to two and no combination of Stalls and Stands is permitted.
2.8 Applicants may indicate if they want their stalls to be placed adjacent to the stall of any other participant. If so, written consent of the other participant is required and it should be submitted with the filled application form. In case of online booking, a unique code will be generated, which is to be shared among the participants for the purpose of clubbing.
2.9No Bare Space will be provided to the participant who has not opted for the same in the application form. In case, the participant wishes to have Bare Space after the booking of Stand/Stalls, participants will have to pay 50% extra of the rental amount paid as penalty.
2.10Any request for providing Stand/Stalls will not be considered if Bare Space has been opted for in the application form. In such a case, Stand/Stalls can be provided only on payment of 50% extra of rental amount paid by the participant as a penalty.
2.11Efforts will be made to provide stalls to the participants in the indicated category but the organizers have the right to modify or provide Stalls in some other category.
3. Assignment/Subletting
3.1Without the organizers’ prior consent in writing, no participant will transfer, sublet or share with or without payment all or part of their allotted space within the Fair.
4. Withdrawal / Cancellation
4.1 Once the booking of the Stall is made by a participant, the same cannot be cancelled or altered under any circumstances. No refund of rental will be made or adjusted against any other forthcoming Fair under any circumstances.
4.2Participant will be deemed to have withdrawn if for any reasons whatsoever they fail to take possession of the allotted Stall/Stand/Bare Space within 24 hours from the date of inauguration of the Fair. The organizers may, therefore, dispose the unoccupied space and the said participants will
have no right to claim a refund or compensation even if the space is allotted to other participants.

5. Terms of Payment
Bookings can be done online at our website :www.newdelhiworldbookfair.gov.in Alternatively, booking can be done through Bank Draft or Pay Order in favour of National Book Trust, India payable at New Delhi.
6. Allotment of Space
Allotment of Stands/Stalls shall be made by a computerized draw of lots. Allotment letters with layout plans, indicating the hall nos. and Stand/Stall nos. will be intimated to the participants in advance via email or by post and it will also be notified on the Fair website.
7. Possession and Vacation
Participants will be given possession of the Stands/Stalls at 4:00 p.m. on 14 February 2014. The Stand/Stall may not be dismantled prior to the official breakdown period, that is, on the last day of the Fair. Participant will however, be obligated to vacate their exhibition space in full, prior to the end of the breakdown period. The participants, who have applied for the Bare Space, will be given the possession of the space at 4:00 p.m. on 12 February 2014.
8. Dismantling of Stalls
It shall be the responsibility of the participants to remove all exhibits, tools and other materials at the end of the Fair and leave the stalls in the same condition in which they were allotted to them. In case if any panels, racks, tables or any other item provided is found to be broken/not further useable or missing, then the cost of those items will be borne by the respective participant.
9. Telephone Service
9.1 Participants are advised to seek telephonic connection from MTNL for their stalls at their own cost. The organizer will certify and forward their request to MTNL, wherever necessary.
10. Removal of Displays and Goods
10.1No goods or displays may be removed from the stalls during the Fair without the written permission of the organizers.
11. Cleaning
While the organizers will carry out general cleaning, participants will be responsible for the cleanliness of their stalls during the Fair.
12. Insurance Coverage
12.1The organizers generally subscribe to an insurance policy covering the financial consequences of their public liability in their role as the organizers.
12.2 Participant will bear sole responsibility to insure their own furniture and exhibits against damage incurred due to burglary, riots, strikes, theft, fire and rain water, etc., and against damages incurred in transit to and from the Fair. There is no collective insurance policy. Possession of the Stands/Stalls shall be given on production of evidence of insurance. It is the exclusive and absolute responsibility of the participants to insure their exhibits as well as the hired stand equipments and stock against break-in, thefts and damage by fire and other natural calamities during the Fair. The organizers will not be liable to pay for any damages and loss incurred due to any reason including natural calamities.The organizers are entitled, but not obliged, to inspect such policy before handing over possession of the Stands/Stalls. In the event of a claim against the organizers, participants(s) will indemnify the organizers.Please address all communications to Deputy Director (Exhibition)
Nehru Bhawan, 5, Institutional Area, Phase-II, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070
Phone: 91-11- 26707700 •Fax: 91-11-26707846
E-mail: dd-exh@nbtindia.org.in • Website: www.newdelhiworldbookfair.gov.in
13. Intellectual Property Rights
13.1It is the sole responsibility of the participants to obtain rights or authorization necessary from the authors whose works are being exhibited or represented within the Fair.
14. Fair Directory
14.1The organizers reserve the exclusive right to publish and sell the Fair Directory with the advertisements appearing in it.

14.2The information necessary for the entries in the Fair Directory will be furnished by the participants and they will be responsible for all given information. The organizers cannot be held responsible for any factual omissions or errors in reproduction or composition or any other mistakes that may occur.The organizers reserve the right to modify or edit the text supplied by the participants.
14.3The organizers will have the sole discretion to refuse an entry or to modify the text for the paid advertisements which may be detrimental to the intrest of the stakeholders.
15. Entry of Participants
Participants will be allowed entry into the halls from 10:30 a.m. and they have to vacate the halls latest by 8:30 p.m. every day during the fair.
16. Modification of Terms and Conditions
Any of the terms and conditions mentioned above may be relaxed or modified at the discretion of the Competent Authority of the organizers whose decision will be final and binding.
17. Jurisdiction
Any dispute or claim arising out of the participation in the Fair will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Delhi Courts.
18. Security
The organizers will provide round-the-clock security arrangement at all the halls during the Fair,however, the organizers are not liable for the loss or damage to the goods and property of the participants. Participants are therefore, advised not to leave their stalls unattended during the Fair timings.
Participants, if they so desire, may make their own security arrangements at their stalls during the
Fair timings through the security agencies approved by the ITPO.
19. Miscellaneous
Use of polythene is prohibited by Delhi Government. As such, all participants will observe this ban