New Delhi Rights Table - 2019

New Delhi Rights Table 07-08 January 2019

As part of the New Delhi World Book Fair, the NBT, India is organizing the New Delhi Rights Table from 07-08 January 2019. We look forward to your participation.

The New Delhi Rights Table:
As part of its effort to promote Indian Books Abroad and to facilitate business interactions to buy/sell translation rights between Indian publishers and foreign publishers, the National Book Trust, India is organizing the New Delhi Rights Table.

Why New Delhi Rights Table:
The New Delhi Rights Table would provide a unique opportunity for publishers from across the world to meet each other on a one-to-one basis to tentatively finalize their interest and agreements for transfer of translation rights available in English, Hindi and other Indian languages.

07-08 January 2019 at New Delhi as a part of New Delhi World Book Fair 2019.

Registration Process:
a) The NBT would facilitate prior appointments among publishers to interact with each other.
b) The publishers interested to participate at the Rights Table may register for participation by 30 November 2018.
c) The list of such participants would be circulated amongst all the publishers who have registered for the Rights Table by 7 December 2018.
d) The publishers would be required to send the list of publishers they would like to meet during the Rights Table forum by 12 December 2018.
e) Confirmation of such appointments and the time would be communicated to each publisher by 20 December 2018.
f) All participants should bring a copy each of the books available for sale of translation rights along with a brief write-up on the book and author in English.

Registration Fee:
Foreign publishers: No registration fee
Indian publishers: Rs. 2,950/- (non-refundable) inclusive 18% GST
Financial Assistance from NBT for Translation:
All the agreements signed during the Rights Table Forum in January for Indian books into foreign languages may be considered for NBT’s financial assistance program subject to meeting the conditions of the scheme.

Contact Person:
Benny Kurian
Rights Translation and Acquisition Officer
Tel. +91-11-26707764: Mobile: +91-9868268105