Information for Foreign Exhibitors


a) For participants from SAARC countries b) For participants from other Countries
Types of Space Per Stand Stall / Bare Space Type of Space Per Stand
Basic Rental US$243 US$ 1,087 US$ 609 US $ 2,174
GST @ 18% US$ 44 US$ 196 US $ 110 US$ 391
Total Rental US $287 US $ 1,283 US$ 719 US4 2,565



Specification of Stands/Stalls/Bare Space, Furniture, and Electrical Fittings 

A Stand of 1m Length: It consists of one panel with one octonorm counter, four shelves, one chair, fascia lettering on vinyl cutting, carpet and one dustbin.

A Stall of 3m x 3m: It consists of 9 panels with one octonorm counter, 9 MS shelves, one glass table, three chairs, fascia lettering on vinyl cutting, carpet and one dustbin.

Bare Space: Only carpet and electric connection will be provided to the exhibitors opting for Bare Space. 

Additional Furniture: Additional furniture can be hired from the authorized contractors approved by the Organizer after making an advance payment at the rates duly approved by the Organizer.


Electrical Fittings

(a) Stand: One CFL and one point for computer connection will be provided. Total admissible load per Stand is 200 watts. For additional consumption, extra electricity charges will be levied. 

(b) Stall: Six CFL and one point for computer connection will be provided. Total admissible load per Stall is 750 watts. For additional consumption, extra electricity charges will be levied.

Payment of additional electrical charges will be made by the exhibitors at the rate decided by the Organizer.

The Organizer reserves the right to alter the dimensions of the Stand/Stall without assigning any reason thereof, and the decision of the Organizer will be final and binding on the exhibitors. However, in such a case, exhibitors will be informed in advance.


Booking of Space

Booking of Stands/Stalls/Bare Space will be made on receipt of the prescribed and duly completed Application Form along with a Bank Draft payable at New Delhi (India) towards full payment of rental of the Stall/Stand/Bare Space in favour of National Book Trust, India, on or before 31 October 2017 or through Bank Transfer. Bank details are given below:

Bookings start : 15 September 2017

Last date for booking :  31 October 2017


Allotment of Stands/Stalls/Bare Space

Allotment of Stands/Stalls/Bare Space will be made by a draw of lots. Allotment letters with layout plan, indicating the allotted Hall Nos. and Stands/Stalls Nos. will be sent to the exhibitors in advance by email/post and it will also be notified on the Fair website. 


Foreign Exchange

For the foreign exchange requirements, exhibitors may contact the following, if they so wish, or they may get the same arranged through the agent of their choice. 

M/s Thomas Cook (India) Ltd.,


Registration of Exhibitors and Possession of Stands/Stalls/Bare Space

Registration will start at 10:30 a.m. on 5 January 2018, in the Reception Area inside Hall 7, where Stands/Stalls/Bare Space would be allotted to the exhibitors. Possession of Stands/Stalls will be given at 2:00 p.m. on  5 January 2018 and possession of Bare Space to the allotted exhibitors will be made on 3 January 2018 at 2:00 p.m. 



For any assistance during the Fair, exhibitors may contact the respective hall in-charges, whose names and contact details will be communicated at the time of registration or possession of Stand/Stall/Bare Space.


Fair Directory

Each exhibitor will be provided with a copy of the Fair Directory, which would list out the names and addresses of all the exhibitors, with a brief description of the participating organization on the basis of the information furnished in the Application Form. The Organizer has the right to suitably edit the text provided by the exhibitors. The Organizer reserves the exclusive right to publish and sell the Fair Directory, with the advertisements which appear in the Fair Directory.


Advertisement in the Fair Directory

Rates for the advertisement in the Fair Directory are given below:


Back Cover (IV) (Colour) US $ 616
Inside Cover (II) (Colour) US $ 564
Inside Back Cover (III) (Colour)      US $ 564
Full Page (Colour) US $ 308
Full Page (Black & White) US $ 287


Interested exhibitors may apply separately to the contact details given at the end of this folder by 31 October 2017. Such requests will be considered on the first-come-first-served basis. The Organizer reserves the right to accept or reject the request for an advertisement.


Flag Poles, Buntings, and Hoardings

Allotment of flag poles and space for buntings and hoardings will be made in accordance with the charges levied by the ITPO on the first-come-first-served basis against the poles/space provided by ITPO for this purpose. Intimation regarding allotment of poles/space will be notified on the Fair website and via email as per Annexure I. 


Entry Passes

Exhibitors will be given complimentary multiple entry passes and exhibitors pass as per Annexure II.


Clearing of Consignment

The Organizer has not appointed any clearing agent and will not be responsible for the clearing of the consignment on behalf of the foreign exhibitors. The exhibitors should, therefore, make their own arrangements through their respective Embassy/High Commission in India. They may also get it done through any authorized agent of their choice.